TIL Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

“An organization continually draws upon the resources of society and environment for its sustenance. That it should give back something in return is not only fair and righteous, but absolutely imperative for its own continuity. As captains of industry, acknowledging responsibility towards our immediate society and the environment at large is thus both a conscientious decision and a matter of informed choice. Corporate Social Responsibility has always been pivotal to TIL’s aspirations for inclusive development. Over the years, we have undertaken numerous socially relevant initiatives and in our own small way tried to make a positive difference. We remain committed to the cause of CSR, not to be swayed or deterred by adversities, come what may.”

Sumit Mazumder, Chairman & Managing Director

As a responsible corporate citizen, TIL is engaged in a range of CSR initiatives aimed at the betterment of society, community and environment – reaching out to the underprivileged, the differently abled, the old and infirm – not only by way of ongoing welfare initiatives and one-off events, but also by responding swiftly to humanitarian crises.

TIL Caring Day

TIL’s commitment to CSR is exemplified by the fact that foundation day at TIL – July 22nd, the most significant day in its history – was rechristened as TIL Caring Day in 2006. Every year on this day, TIL employees, in humble reckoning of the gift of life, pool their contributions towards the creation of a common fund. A matching amount is added to it from the TIL Welfare Trust and the expanded fund utilized in reaching out in collaboration with local NGO partners to various underprivileged sections of our society.

Weekly Health Camp

TIL supports a Weekly Health Camp program – run in collaboration with HelpAge India – for the elderly and underprivileged people in the Kamarhatty – Panihati area of Kolkata. Services include medical consultation, free geriatric medicines, basic diagnostics, etc. for the beneficiaries, a large percentage of whom are subsistence workers and daily wage earners. Suffering from conditions such as hypertension, diabetes mellitus, joint pain and gastric problems – which have emerged, over the years, as the most common and predominant ailments – the beneficiaries are dependent on the Weekly Health Camp as their primary source of treatment.

World Environment Day

Every year, the World Environment Day – June 5 – is observed at the Taratolla HO and other branches of TIL, with the customary planting of saplings – a much-cherished activity for all. The day gives us the perfect opportunity to renew our pledge to do our bit in stopping environmental degradation.

Other Initiatives

Over the years, TIL has been conducting various other activities, some as ongoing programs and some others as one-off events — cataract screening & operation camps in partnership with HelpAge India and Sushrut Eye Foundation & Research Centre, blood donation camps, supporting victims of natural disasters, Anganwadi Centres with the CII-Unicef CSR Hub, water sustainability program with WWF, etc.

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